Cortina HOA accepts on-line Credit Card payments!



Simply select the payment you would like to make. You can select multiple

payments to achieve your total. For example, if all you owe is the quarterly

assessment, click on "Add to Cart". If you owe $175, you could select

three $50.00 payments and one $25.00.


                           Typical Assessment Amount   $ 250.00    
                                  Pay Late & Re-bill Fee     $ 30.00    
               Demand Letter Fee or Intent to Lien     $ 50.00    
                                         Intent to Sue Fee     $ 56.00    
                                        Make Payment of       $ 50.00    
                                        Make Payment of       $ 25.00    
                                       Make Payment of        $ 10.00    
                                        Make Payment of       $   5.00